Loungin clients tend to use their own bespoke Design


Loungin clients tend to use their own bespoke Design

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Trade clients tend to use their own materials however, we also offer thousands of fabrics on each of our beautiful pieces of furniture. If you would prefer to have your piece made in leather we also have an extensive library which features some truly wonderful leathers from around the World sold by the hide. 

Loungin’ does not offer any specific advice or expertise on the cleaning of fabrics or leathers. However, we recommend that your chosen covering be professionally cleaned only at six-month intervals or earlier if necessary. Prices of fabrics vary from one manufacturer to another and are based solely on design, exclusivity, etc. Therefore, an expensive fabric does not necessarily constitute a longer life expectancy than that of a lesser-priced fabric. If you supply your own fabric for upholstery you are responsible for making sure it meets with all current Fire and Safety Regulations. If you wish to order fabric only, you must pay the current carriage charge. All fabrics supplied are suitable for careful domestic use, unless otherwise stated.

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This is not a fault with the fabric but a characteristic of some fabrics. It should come off but sometimes it’s a little bit stubborn.  It can be removed quickly with a de-fuzzer which can be bought in any hardware store for a few pounds and this should resolve it.  All materials meet with all the requirements for British Standards for general domestic use. Some silks and velvets, which are made from cotton can be marked by the slightest touch. As all our furniture is handmade, the handling of fabric is unavoidable and therefore we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the condition of these fabrics when used during manufacture.


Whilst every effort is made to ensure the closest possible match to pattern books and samples, we cannot guarantee to match the shade exactly. Colour and shade variations can be expected. Texture and fragrance variations can also be expected. Please ask for a Batch cutting sample to ensure colour matching.


Loungin can offer you fabric protection at an extra charge per metre. Alternatively we can offer you a 5-year protection guarantee against stains and spills. This would be a separate contract between you and the Insurance company and therefore you must rely on the advice and expertise given by them. Our customer service team can offer additional information relating to this.


We advise and accept that leather colour varies from one hide to another and that texture and performance of leather varies from different finishes applied to leather. Sunlight and UV rays can affect that leather colour. The surface finish of leather hides vary, and include oil finishes, wax finishes, pigmented/painted finishes, and coated finishes. Each different finish has different inherent characteristics. Each different finish requires different care and maintenance. You are strongly advised to care for your leather furniture and take out an insurance policy against accidental damage, which can be caused by spillage of foods and beverages.

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