Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions of trading are governed by and are construed in
accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Once your order is placed, paid a deposit and signed our order form you agree to accept our terms and conditions.

Due to continuing development of our products, we (Loungin’) reserve the right to alter or amend the specification of the goods without prior notice. All measurements given by us are as accurate as possible. As each piece is handmade, tolerance for this should be considered.

Titles of ownership of goods supplied by Loungin’ remain our property until these goods are paid in full and delivered. We reserve the right to remove the furniture if you (the customer) breach any of the payment terms.

You, the customer, confirm that your purchase is based upon your own judgement and that you have not relied upon any salespersons or other employees working for, or on behalf of Loungin’. Loungin’ makes every effort to ensure all pricing is correct. If an error occurs and a product is priced incorrectly, Loungin’ reserve the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed . If the order has been confirmed and charged to your credit card, we shall issue a credit for the amount of the incorrect price.

We offer an access check guide on order. This is for the sole purpose of ensuring that the furniture ordered will pass freely through doors and into the room of your choice. Please speak to us to confirm that the access guide has been filled in correctly and you have completed and accepted that there is suitable access into your property. If you are still unsure that the item purchased will prove difficult to deliver then we offer Bolt on Sections at an additional cost. Please see Order Form for the options available together with costs.

You accept that the delivery service offered is solely a ‘Door to Door’ delivery service. Our insurance does not cover damage or consequential loss howsoever caused beyond delivery of the goods to your front door. You agree to assume all liability and insurance cover for the said goods and any consequential loss from the time that the goods are delivered to your front door, or front door of your building. You, the customer, agree to ensure that there is easy access into the delivery address. The delivery charge does not include allowance for removal of doors or windows unless specifically requested on your order form. You accept that any delivery date indicated by Loungin’ is given on the information we hold at that current time. We do not admit liability for any circumstances arising which are beyond our control. We reserve the right to deliver the goods in instalments without adjustment of the price. Loungin’ request all customers to accept delivery of their furniture on the date confirmed by us; thereafter, a £60 storage charge per week will be levied. Delivery times given are an approximation. Time is not, nor shall be, of the essence. The customer agrees that the supplier shall not be liable for any consequential loss or inconvenience howsoever caused. You, the customer, agree and accept that if the goods cannot be easily delivered into your premises and you are unable to accept delivery, the goods will be taken to a place of storage. You agree and accept that an extra charge of £70 is incurred for delivery into storage. You agree to arrange and assume any additional transport and costs to redeliver the goods to your home, or alternative delivery address.

Loungin’ does not offer any specific advice or expertise on the cleaning of fabrics or leathers. However, we recommend that your chosen covering be professionally cleaned only at six-month intervals or earlier if necessary. You agree that your selected fabric is ideally suited to your own uses and requirements and you have not relied upon any employees working for or on behalf of Loungin’. Prices of fabrics vary from one manufacturer to another and are based solely on design, exclusivity, etc. Therefore, an expensive fabric does not necessarily constitute a longer life expectancy than that of a lesser-priced fabric. If you supply your own fabric for upholstery you are responsible for making sure it meets with all current Fire and Safety Regulations. If you wish to order fabric only, you must pay the current carriage charge. All fabrics supplied are suitable for careful domestic use, unless otherwise stated.

Disclaimer for Pilling, Velvet and Silk –This is not a fault with the fabric but a characteristic of some fabrics. It should come off but sometimes it’s a little bit stubborn.  It can be removed quickly with a de-fuzzer which can be bought in any hardware store for a few pounds and this should resolve it.  All materials meet with all the requirements for British Standards for general domestic use. 
Some silks and velvets, which are made from cotton can be marked by the slightest touch. As all our furniture is handmade, the handling of fabric is unavoidable and therefore we cannot accept any responsibility or liability for the condition of these fabrics when used during manufacture.

When you purchase one of our sofas at the displayed online prices, we offer you a beautiful Loungin’ House fabric FREE of charge. These can change depending on offers available to us at the time and therefore we can not guarantee the same material will be available if purchased on another day.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the closest possible match to pattern books and samples, we cannot guarantee to match the shade exactly. Colour and shade variations can be expected. Texture and fragrance variations can also be expected. Please ask for a Batch cutting sample to ensure colour matching.

Loungin can offer you fabric protection at an extra charge per metre. Alternatively we can offer you a 5-year protection guarantee against stains and spills. This would be a separate contract between you and the Insurance company and therefore you must rely on the advice and expertise given by them. Our customer service team can offer additional information relating to this.

You, the customer, are advised and accept that leather colour varies from one hide to another and that texture and performance of leather varies from different finishes applied to leather. You accept sunlight and UV rays can affect that leather colour. The surface finish of leather hides vary, and include oil finishes, wax finishes, pigmented/painted finishes, and coated finishes. Each different finish has different inherent characteristics. Each different finish requires different care and maintenance. You are strongly advised to care for your leather furniture and take out an insurance policy against accidental damage, which can be caused by spillage of foods and beverages.

Loungin’ specifies that foam seat fillings and fibre backs are the most durable and have the longest life expectancy. Other cushion fillings are available, but may distort and compress in time. Comfort will depend not only on the filling chosen by yourself but also on the material selected too. Leather for example can be slippery which would cause you to believe that the filling has a problem. However, this isn’t the case and a softer filling would resolve this issue. Replacements are bought at the current prices. All seat and back cushions must be turned and plumped regularly to maintain life expectancy.

A characteristic of all our loose cover models is their relaxed appearance. They are designed to create a casual and informal look and are sold on this basis.


Bed actions/mechanisms have an expected lifespan of one year if used daily and correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions. We use a 2-fold bed action. The top section is hinged to allow the mechanism to fold up inside the frame of your furniture. For this reason, you must not allow any persons to put unnecessary weight or stress on this section of the sofa bed, or it may be damaged. Similarly no pillows, sheets or duvets can be stored inside the bed mechanism. Please respect the sofa bed by not allowing it to be used as a trampoline. Replacement bed actions/mechanisms are available at the current prices. A fitting service is available at the current prices. All bed actions are to be opened by the customer(s) who have seen and understood the operation of the aforementioned mechanism. Children should not be permitted to operate the bed action/mechanism at any time.

Loungin’ recommends that armcaps are purchased by you and used constantly. If arm caps are provided, it is noted that they are for protection not aesthetic appearance and are an approximate fit only.

All our furniture carries a 10 year frame guarantee limited to the frame only and excludes fabric, leather, fillings, springs and zips. These guarantees do not cover fair wear and tear, neglect, abuse or misuse of the goods. Damage caused by water, heat, fire, natural disaster, theft or accidental damage howsoever caused is also exempt from this guarantee. Guarantees may not be transferred.

We endeavour to display on our website a true likeness of the colour of our products as they would appear in situ. Unfortunately accuracy cannot always be guaranteed. We also cannot assume that your computers’ monitor will reflect an exact and true representation of our products. Every effort is made to ensure accuracy of all prices and specification details on our website however, occasionally errors may occur.


Any furniture, which has been altered, is done so specifically for you. It is a unique and bespoke item and your automatic right to return lapses. For all furniture orders, you may cancel the order up to 14 days before the delivery date however; if you do we shall retain the deposit paid. Once delivered, no furniture may be returned to us, nor will Loungin’ provide any refund unless the goods are defective or have been accidentally damaged during delivery. This does not affect your statutory rights. Refunds will not be given for any computer aided visual work undertaken us.

BD & Sons Ltd trading as Loungin’.

Registered number: 13272187.

These Terms and Conditions of trading are governed by and are construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. We strongly recommend you read our Terms and Conditions before placing your order. Once your order is placed, you have agreed to accept these terms.

We are entitled to refuse any order placed by you.

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